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The Beard Group Podcast is dedicated to highlighting individuals in the Corporate Restructuring, Bankruptcy, Distressed Investing, and Complex Litigation practice areas; to sharing their stories, and getting to know the personalities that shape and influence this industry today, and those who have done so in the past.
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Jan 27, 2017

Kibben Jackson, Partner in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group at Fasken Martineau’s Vancouver office, joins me for a conversation on trends in cross border insolvency, an overview of Chapter 15 of the US Bankruptcy code, and the differences and similarities between the Canadian insolvency and US Chapter 11.

Tags: Bankruptcy, Restructuring, Insolvency, Chapter 15, Chapter 11, Canada Business Corporations Act, CBCA, CCAA

Jan 18, 2017

When a hospital files for bankruptcy, how do you comply with both HIPAA and the  Bankruptcy code? HIPAA, which is all about safeguarding patient information, and the bankruptcy process, which is all about transparency, seem to create irreconcilable and opposing forces at this intersection.

In this episode, Travis Vandell, CEO of JND Corporate Restructuring, and Marcus Helt, Financial Restructuring and Reorganization Partner at Gardere join me to discuss this issue.

Travis and Marcus have co-authored an article in the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal titled “Healthy Outcomes from HIPAA and Corporate Bankruptcy” in which they discuss the unique challenges that arise at this intersection, and creative solutions, based on their extensive experience, which allow for compliance and cost effective solutions.

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