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The Beard Group Podcast is dedicated to highlighting individuals in the Corporate Restructuring, Bankruptcy, Distressed Investing, and Complex Litigation practice areas; to sharing their stories, and getting to know the personalities that shape and influence this industry today, and those who have done so in the past.
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Aug 24, 2016

Don Bibeault is a well-known corporate turnaround executive steering failing corporations into profitable entities. During the course of his 40-year career he's been both a turnaround CEO and an advisor to numerous companies, including five multi-billion dollar corporations. His first turnaround began in 1970, when he was still in his twenties. He wrote one of the top-selling business books of all time, Corporate Turnaround: How Managers Turn Losers into Winners.

Don was recognized in 2005 by the Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals and the Turnaround Management Association, which presented him with its first Lifetime Achievement Award.

Today, Don is still advising companies via his company, Verto Partners.

In this episode, Don shares stories from his time with American Airlines and Pacific State Steel, as well as practical wisdom, not only for those involved in corporate restructuring, but for any business leader determined to lead their corporation successfully and sustainably. 

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